Project Title

Camden Catholic Cafeteria

Project Information

Location Cherry Hill, NJ
Client Camden Catholic High School
Status Completed
Years Nov. 2013-Mar2015

Project Description

When Camden Catholic High School decided to upgrade their dining facilities, they asked us to create a design to reflect the caliber of their students.

We redesigned everything. The fun stuff included new ceilings, walls, floors, and lighting. We removed old partitions to open up the space and installed new windows to make the room both warmer and brighter. We also included practical upgrades—improving insulation, electrical, alarms, and the HVAC system. Altogether, we designed every inch of the space to be usable, efficient, welcoming, and bright.


KNOWLEDGABLE  //  It can be tricky to make an old space feel new. In transforming the school’s cafeteria, we drew up new ideas supported by decades of experience to help the renovations fit in seamlessly with the existing space.


HUMAN  //  We designed this space to brighten students’ days. The designs let form and function work together for an inviting, and practical environment perfect for students to use every day.



Project Timeline

February 26

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September 3

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August 25

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Walls and ceiling painted, new storefront, wood trim, and lighting installed. 
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July 16

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June 25

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December 12

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November 7

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  • Existing Cafeteria
Existing cafeteria conditions. 
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  • janitor closet
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September 6

Looking forward to getting started on the Camden Catholic Renovation project! Site visit tomorrow.   

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