Project Title

VA Medical Center Entry

Project Information

Location Philadelphia
Client Veterans Affairs
Status Bidding / Construction
Years 2013-present

Project Description

We’re part of the team designing a new main entrance for the Philadelphia V.A. Medical Center. Our plans will update the entire space to make it more dignified, more inviting, more useful, and more efficient.

Designs will renovate 3,000 square feet of space and create a new 1,500 square foot atrium and entrance. Plans will also reconfigure the exterior facade, access ramp, landscaping, and sidewalk. Overall, the project will help the welcoming area feel more welcoming, while also increasing the standard of care with new infection control measures and improved handicapped accessibility.


ADAPTABLE  //  To address the needs of many different patients, our plans create an adaptable space that both welcomes patients and raises the standard of care.


HUMAN  //  Every element of our plans—the open canopy, the main ramp, the warm interior, and the exterior landscaping—were created to make patients feel welcome and well cared for, even before walking through the doors.


Project Timeline

March 20

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March 19

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April 5

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March 21

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Massing Option 1

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Massing Option 1 - Street

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Massing Option 2 

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Massing Option 2 - Street 
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March 6

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March 6

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